Forum Title: Bad install? - carpet installation for lowes - please rank 1 to 10
Can anyone give me a ranking from 1-10. 10 being fab, 1 complete horse pucky. I think I got a horrendous install. Also, I'm of the opinion that the carpet will have to be completely replaced since the did a horrible job on the seams. I don't think it can be retaped without carpet threads getting stuck in-between the seams, plus I would imagine the cuts would have to be straight too So, There are gaps between 1/16 to 1/4 in some spots and in other areas the seams appear to overlap. The seams are clearly visible. I'm having lowes come back....Here's the email and pictures I sent. Hi Stephen, please let me know if there aren't enough pictures. The carpet is going to have to be replaced since it was so poorly installed. I won't let them reuse it, it's a total loss. Also, were suppose to get padding remnants for our closet underneath the stairs. there was enough carpet remnants for it, so I don't get why there wouldn't be any padding left??? Also, the installers damaged a $7000.00 built-in entertainment center. Dumb and dumber kept kicking the crap out of it and physical moved a 300lb built-in over 1/2 in some places . They never thought to stop when it physically moved. Had they stopped I could have improvised a solution to stop it from shifting and the carpet would look good as well. The carpet near that built-in is horrid. I'm unsure if I will be able to move the carcasses back fully to the face frame. It's a 10' built-in, and you have to reach in the back to pull the carcasses and there is very little room. I had to lift the carpet up to pull the face frame back into position. We may need to work out settlement if I can't repair it. Beware I will not let the previous installers into to do any replacements. I expect the best of the best to do the replacement. Thanks, Isaac Wiggins ?
Category: Flooring Post By: AARON BROOKS (Provo, UT), 02/19/2019

More pictures. Notice the square patch in the corner. It was also seamed with another 2' x 10' remnant....

- D. Lowes (Stamford, CT), 04/21/2019

Terrible installation. They might be able to redo the seams if the carpet is loose enough. Get anything they tell you in writing. Keep a log of all phone calls. If you need to sue, you will need all information. You will probably be required to let them send someone to attempt to redo the installation.

- COREY BARRETT (Bloomington, IN), 05/16/2019

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